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TrotSAR Officers
Office Name Trot ID
 Commander  Tomi Finkle  2
 Asst Commander,
 Training Officer
 Laurie Hanahan  28
 Treasurer (acting)  Michele McGuinness  23
 Secretary  Pete Fields  27
 MD Rgnl Director  Linda Barton  42
 VA Rgnl Director  Janet van der Vaart  45

TrotSAR Members
Name Trot ID Satus County ST Equine(s)
 Linda Barton 42  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Baltimore County  MD  Hunter
 Rachel Richards 21  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Charles County  MD  Lacie
 Joyce Cowfer 24  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Anne Arundel County  MD  Awesome
 Pete Fields 27  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Charles County  MD  Beytoven, Sure Fire
 Tomi Finkle  2  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Charles County  MD  Magnum
 Laurie Hanahan 28  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Fauquier County  VA  Percy
 Maria Hillegas 11  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  York County  PA  Bailey
 Alyssa Johnson 49  Operationa/Mounter Searcher  Anne Arundel County  MD  Major
 Michele McGuinness 23  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Montgomery County  MD  Cavalier, Shenan
 Claire Marble 47  Operationa/Mounted Searcher  Stafford County  VA  Shotzi
 Doug Moore 102  GIS/Mapping Planner  Monongalia County  WV  
 Gig Necciai 46  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Frederick County  MD  Tex, Double Take
 John Proudman 17  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Shenandoah County  VA  Camino
 Larry Raskin 10  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Howard County  MD  Peanut, Star
 Tina Ryner 33  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Albemarle County  VA  Captn, Zeus
 Zoe Sollenberger 18  Operational/Mounted Search Technician  Fauquier County  VA  Vinnie
 Rick Solomon 19  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Carroll County  MD  Cody
 Janet van der Vaart 45  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Loudoun County  VA  Rocket, Caliber
 Dana Walpole 43  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Loudoun County  VA  El Grande
 Mary Jo Walpole 35  Operational/Mounted Searcher  Loudoun County  VA  Chex
 Bob Wiseman 101  SAR Tech-I Trainer  Howard County  MD  

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The Horses

The TrotSAR Mounted Search & Rescue Team horses are privately owned by Team members. Before becoming operational, each horse is evaluated for a basically safe disposition in the presence of people and other animals. Team members do additional training to prepare their mounts for many circumstances, including but not limited to traffic, different types of terrain, startling objects, and crowds of people, in order to ensure each horse performs safely and efficiently in a search incident.

The primary value of horses in search is the enhanced strength and endurance they provide the trained searcher riding them. The horses enable the Trot Search & Rescue Team to move themselves and their equipment over a variety of terrain and distances with minimal effort.

The horses on the Team are of different ages and many breeds, but the individual animal's temperament is the deciding factor in its suitability for Search work.

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1-888-MSAR911 (888-672-7911)
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