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A missing child . . . A lost hiker . . .
A possible suicide . . . An injured hunter . . .
An alzheimer's patient . . . An overdue plane . . .

How will you find them?

Whatever the circumstance, incidents involving a lost person are a wrenching experience for the family involved. Often the entire community shares in their anxiety through the coverage of the news media. At such times, public authorities need to organize a search using all available resources appropriate to the situation and location. Such resources traditionally include foot searchers, air scent or tracking dogs, and aircraft. The TrotSAR Mounted Search & Rescue Team offers search authorities an additional and unique resource: a team of trained, highly skilled, and credentialed first responders mounted on horseback. All team members and their mounts have successfully passed state and local performance standards that have been mandated for Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) first responder resources.

The TrotSAR Mounted Team has been providing a Public Service to Emergency Services Community within the Mid-Atlantic region since 1992. Originally called the TROT Search Team, the team began as a community service unit of the Trail Riders of Today (TROT). Although the TrotSAR Mounted Team evolved into its own organization, the Team and our former parent organization (TROT) maintain a positive working relationship within the equestrian community. After 9-11, the TrotSAR Mounted Team transitioned into a non-government (volunteer based) first responder resource that serves government public safety organizations in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The TrotSAR Mounted Search & Rescue Team Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit tax-exempt organization, devoted to working for various federal, state and local governments, during incidents of lost and missing persons. Contributions to TrotSAR Mounted Search & Rescue Team Inc would be greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. More information about our mounted team can also be found in both “Mounted Search & Rescue (MSAR) Books” written by Kathy Roberts.

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